Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM

Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM

UPDATED - 04 April, 2019: There is a lot of interest these days in Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and how beneficial they are to help manage type 1 diabetes. In this post I have included information about:

  • What are Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and how do they work

  • CGM devices available in Ireland

  • CGM Qualifying Criteria for funding from the HSE

Thriveabetes 2018 Registration Now Open

It's finally here! I don't know whether to take a deep breath or to release the relief that we are getting there. Registration link is below. The team and I would like to say that we are really proud of the programme we have put together this year. We feel that you will be pleased and we have taken on board all the feedback we received from you over the years.

Thriveabetes is a conference organised completely by people with type 1 diabetes and focuses on the psychological impact of living with a chronic, lifelong condition. We aim to provide “Inspiration, Motivation and Information” to all people living with type 1 diabetes (adults, parents & children over age 5 years). It's going to be a great day:-D

Saturday, February 24th 2018 The Red Cow Hotel, Naas Road, Dublin.

The first thing you will notice is that our Registration fee has increased significantly. Thriveabetes 2016 didn't break even financially. We did have some funds left over from 2015 to cover the shortfall. This years registration fee reflects this but does cover a hot lunch and refreshments valued at €25.


Additional Conference Information;

Diabetes Bright Spots and Landmines Book Review

Diabetes Bright Spots and Landmines Book Review

During the summer, I got a message from Niamh Downes about a new diabetes book that she was really impressed with called "Bright Spots and Landmines, The Diabetes Guide I wish Someone had Handed me". Some of you may be familiar with Niamh as the founding member of the FaceBook group Diabetes in Ireland and one of the founding members of the Dublin Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Group. Since Niamh messaged me I have started to read "Bright Spots" but of course it's going to take me a bit longer than Niamh, so I asked her if she would author a review of it. Thankfully she said yes.