European Diabetes Forum at EASD

The 2019 annual meeting will take place from 16th September to 20th September 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. However, on Tuesday the 18th of September there will be a symposia at EASD with quite a few voices from the diabetes community arranged by the Europen Diabetes Forum run by Irish man, Professor John Nolan.

EASD, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes was established in 1965 and “The aims of the Association are to encourage and support research in the field of diabetes, the rapid diffusion of acquired knowledge and to facilitate its application.”

It’s annual meeting is attended by thousands of members from the healthcare community every year. The EASD Annual Meeting is also one of the first to include a Diabetes Online Community day with advocates, industry partners and friends of diabetes online community from all over the world. 

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The European Diabetes Forum EUDF and the Irish connection. 

Irish endocrinologist and Trinity College Dublin lecturer, Prof John Nolan is the director of the European Diabetes Forum EUDF and has put two symposia together as part of the EASD Programme on 18th & 19th September which includes a strong voice of people with diabetes.  

Speakers from the diabetes support community include Dana Lewis, creator of OpenAPS, Katarina Braune, German endocrinologist and OPEN Diabetes project collaborator and John Bowis who has been living with type 2 diabetes for many years and is a former UK member of parliament. 

In addition to speaking about DIY Closed loop Open Artificial Pancreas Systems, Dana has been asked to speak about living with diabetes and quality of life priorities. Katarina has been asked to speak about what a doctor in training sees as the type of healthcare system we need for the future. You may remember Dana and Katarina from our DIY Diabetes Technology Day in Dublin last May. See videos of their presentations here

John Bowis will add his experience as a politician with great experience in policy across many areas of health.  

This symposia should be of great interest to many diabetes health care professionals as well as those involved in policy decisions as well as people with diabetes. I’ll be following Dana and Katarina like a hawk on twitter for those two days. 

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See European Diabetes Forum EUDF Symposia Programme here

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