Thriveabetes Type 1 Diabetes Conference & Community

For people living with type 1 diabetes of all ages where they can find:

Information, Motivation, and Inspiration to thrive with type 1 diabetes

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support from others living with diabetes

Meeting other people with diabetes is a huge resource we now have at our fingertips (literally). Click HERE to see if there is a support group near you.

Thriveabetes 2019

The next Thriveabetes will take place in October 2019. Online registration will open in May 2019 and more details will follow soon.

The thriveabetes organisers

Thriveabetes is organised completely by volunteers who live with type 1 diabetes and are passionate about bring people with diabetes together in real life to share what we deal with every day.

We come from all over Ireland and from many different backgrounds and diagnosis.

Diabetes education

‘The diabetic who knows the most lives the longest’ - Elliott Proctor Joslin

Structured Type 1 Diabetes Education in Ireland is worth pursuing because diabetes education courses make living with diabetes easier. There are a number of different courses available. Click “Learn More'“