What did you want to see in your diabetes clinic - Survey Results

In February this year, we asked you “What is the one thing that you would most like to see implemented in your diabetes clinic?” The sampling size for our survey was small and so it would be really interesting to see what the views are from a larger more diverse group.

We gave people four elements to choose from;

  1. Access to Psychology
  2. Access to Structured Diabetes Education
  3. Access to Insulin Pumps and
  4. Access to Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems.

40% of the people who responded were adults with type 1 diabetes and 60% were parents of children with type 1 diabetes.

Here are the results. access to psychology

 Access to Education

This is exactly how I feel about structured diabetes education. It is a must have, absolutely must have! Access to Insulin pumps

Access to CGM

Access what Access is there something


Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. It made for very interesting reading on my part.

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