Back to School with type 1 diabetes

As I write this, I can't get that facebook photo from last year of the mother leaping for joy as her kids waited glumly for the school bus out of my head. That's me at the beginning of the holidays but there's definitely more joy at the end of the holidays. Somehow my response of “that's excellent news! Let me get my chores list.” to the “I'm bored” comment didn't go over as well as I had hoped :-( Back to school is upon us again. How quick the summer passes? New books, new classrooms, new teachers and for most it’s when parents dance with glee and even though, our children say the don’t like school, they are excited to go back.

But for parents of children with type 1 diabetes, it involves meeting the new teacher to go over your child's care plan or maybe trying to secure a special needs assistant for your child. It's having a new set of people to train in your child's type 1 diabetes. Because no two people with diabetes are the same.

I know a lot of the parents of children with type 1 diabetes in community groups have been exchanging valuable experiences and advice here in the private facebook group.

Here's a couple more resources that might also help with getting back to school. It's also worth mentioning that Diabetes Ireland Cork office run a Diabetes Teacher Training day every year in October that you can share with your school. You or your school can find out more about this by contacting the Southern Regional Office, Cork by phone: 021 427 4229 or Email:


Back to school resources and planning

Inspiration for this post came from Diabetogenic.

Diabetes Ireland's Back to school Resource Pack.

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