What's in the Future for Type 1 Diabetes?


In August 2014, I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Dr. Aaron Kowalski, from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) on what the future holds for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

This talk was the most EXCITING and positive that I have ever attended in my two decades of living with type 1 diabetes. I came away from it with a solid belief that the next best thing to a cure (either Artificial Pancreas or Beta Cell encapsulation) is only a couple of years away! He gave a similar talk at "that conference" that I keep mentioning over at my Diabetes People blog. Here's is a run down from DiabTribe on his most recent one.

I know, how many times have we heard that the cure is only around the corner? 

I hold in my hand the prototype for the Bionic 
Pancreas, the iLet. So, so close and not so far now.
But it is! Here's proof!! The prototype of Dr. Ed Damiano's Bionic Pancreas, the iLet was revealed at FFL 2015. (See more about that big reveal here.)
It's because of Dr. Kowalski's (I'm sorry, I just can't say his name without thinking of the Penguins of Madagascar. I have children.) talk that we really wanted someone from JDRF to attend Thrive-abetes; Thrive with Type 1 Diabetes Conference.

It happens that we have our own version of Dr. Kowalski in the United Kingdom. Dr. Clare McVicker is the Director of Research Advocacy, at the type 1 diabetes research charity, JDRF UK. JDRF is the world’s leading charitable funder of type 1 diabetes research and its vision is a world without type 1 diabetes.

Dr. McVicker will be our closing keynote speaker at Thrive-abetes. This is our conference schedule with some more details of our other speakers and topics.

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Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate people who want to purchase tickets on the day of the event. Tickets will remain on sale until 6pm, Thursday October 1st.