Sugar Surfing at Thrive-abetes! Announcing another AMAZING speaker!!!

No! You won't need a wetsuit!

We have another great speaker lined up for Thrive-abetes. Kevin McMahon will be joining us on Saturday, October 3rd in Maynooth, Co. Kildare. He co-authored the very popular book "Sugar Surfing™ - How to manage type 1 diabetes in a modern world" with his long time friend Stephen W. Ponder, MD CDE, which was published in May of this year.

Kevin began his work in diabetes in 2001 after his daughter, Darby, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. With a technology background in computers, mobile networks and emerging smart phones, advancing diabetes technology was only a matter of time. Kevin is also an advisor to several companies in the field of diabetes and is a regular contributor to respected medical journals. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in the USA.

When I spoke with Kevin over Skype he said, "I'm very excited to attend and speak at the Thrive-abetes conference because it's by people with diabetes for people with diabetes. It's exactly this approach that has been missing for so long until recently. We're witnessing an explosion of innovation in technology and support thanks to this patient-driven format including my own efforts to modernize diabetes care delivery by enabling the empowered patient."

If you are interested in a sample of Sugar Surfing follow this link for an excerpt.

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