What's happening with Thriveabetes 2016?

Don't ask!!! No, just kidding:-) Myself, Rebecca & Christine are working really hard to lock down a venue for Thriveabetes 2016. We hope to announce the venue along with a date before the end of the year. Thriveabetes Logo Colour Facebook

When people filled out our "How did we do?" survey after Thriveabetes we had lots of offers of help, which was great! So we are hoping that people can now volunteer what area of the conference they would like to get involved with. At the moment, we have three volunteer roles that we would really appreciate some help with. But we know in the future we will have more roles to fill and if you have a talent, interest or hobby that you think we could use, we WANT to hear from you!

Here are the roles we know we need now;

Exhibition: We are also hoping to expand our exhibition so that we might include a bigger variety of products. If anyone has any experience in organising exhibitions or trade shows and would like to offer their assistance, we would be very appreciative.

Children & Teens programmes: We were very much aware that facilitating our children would have made the conference more accessible for more people. So our number 1 priority will be developing programmes for all the different age groups of children and teens with diabetes and their siblings and how to make this work.

Blogging:  I feel that it is really important to maintain the spark of connecting people with diabetesimages found at Thriveabetes and, in my opinion, one of the ways that will help to maintain some of this spark is our blog.

I am looking for blog post ideas or submissions for stories. If you have a story you want to share, if your child with type 1 diabetes wants to share, we'd love to hear it! Send your submissions to me at Grainne@thriveabetes.ie.

The only restriction that we will impose is that it is related to living with diabetes.

P.S. Don't forget you can connect with any of the Diabetes Support groups, virtual and real, to stay connected.