After the Thriveabetes Conference in Maynooth, we realised very quickly that our blog format wasn't going to work very well for Thriveabetes going forward, especially if it's to become an annual event. So here is our blogs new home;

Our hope is that from Thriveabetes 2015, we will build on the amazing energy this conference tapped into by running another conference and by working to help connect and invigorate the type 1 community.

Thriveabetes is more than just a conference.  We want to help connect people to the type 1 diabetes community, building a safe and supportive place to gain strength from something that otherwise makes us feel weak.

Our website is a work in progress and will expand over time. We will be adding a Resources page where people will be able to find peer to peer support a little closer to home and lots more.

We hope that you will continue to take this journey with us.