Diabetes Community Stories

Since we launched the Thriveabets Blog on the 28th January 2015, we have gathered a large collection of diabetes community stories. This was the genius of my plan for the Thriveabetes blog page, to have others from the Diabetes Community write guest posts. I have done some rejiggery reorganising of our website in an effort to make those posts from our diabetes community easier to find. They will also be easier to reread and read for the first time for our always increasing number of new followers.

Stories from the Diabetes Community

You will find a Menu Tab called  "Diabetes Stories Collection" across the top of our website. This tab highlights all of the diabetes community stories that have been written and shared with our community over the years.


I have also put some additional pages in:

Diabetes Support and Information

In the Diabetes Support and Information" drop down menu under Medical Support & Information" I have put any posts that were published on diabetes information such as "Back to School with Type 1 Diabetes", "Music Festivals and Type 1" and "CGM Funding Options".

Type 1 Diabetes Support Group in Ireland