Thriveabetes 2018 Venue Search


We are close to securing a venue for Thriveabetes 2018. So very close. And that means we are also close to having a date!!! Where’s it going to be? Where’s it going to be? Where’s it going to be? Sorry, couldn't resist!

The venue search really began in earnest in February, when I got a well timed email from a volunteer who just happened to, unexpectedly. have some free time on their hands. Welcome Eimear Downey to the Thriveabetes Team.

Eimear did a lot of the research and contacted a lot of the potential venues we had from our previous year's list.

Our venues email us back with how much space, what dates they had available, and prices. We narrowed it down to about 5 venues from there.

I then contacted three from our short list to schedule a viewing which I did last Wednesday. It was a whistle stop tour of the East.

Two out of the three venues will work really well for us and tick all of the boxes on our requirements list. So now we have a choice to make and the team is deliberating and leaning in one direction.

Stay tuned:-)

If you are new to the world of the Irish Diabetes Online Community, click here to find out a bit more about Thriveabetes; Type 1 Diabetes Conference and here to find out about Thriveabetes 2016 which took place in October 2016.

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Our Gluco Glucose Giveaway is;

Sarah Durnun from Dublin

The winner was drawn at random from a Cookie Monster Puppet by my son after we mixed them up in a tuperware container:-)

Thank you to everyone who entered our small competition. We had some really interesting speaker suggestions.

The Gluco Glucose tubes were donated to Thriveabetes 2016 for hypo stations by Ascensia diabetes care and the colourful Clinique makeup bags were provided by Davina Lyon.

Don't forget to register soon for the Thriveabetes Sugar Surfing Event

The Thriveabetes Sugar Surfing Workshop takes place on Saturday, May 13th from 10am until 2pm in The Carlton Dublin Airport Hotel, Cloghran, Co. Dublin.

Find out more about Sugar Surfing here.

Advance registration is required to attend Thriveabetes and costs €20 per person.