Our Venue is Booked!!!

Yes, our venue is booked! We did a lot of research on trying to find the most accessible location in the whole country. And we did a lot of soul-searching on it.

We were fully focused on finding a location that would work for the most people. We wanted to find a venue that people from outside of the greater Dublin area would travel to without causing too much stress and expense. But we also wanted a venue that people from inside the greater Dublin area would find worth the traffic battle and accessible by public transport.

For those of you who have to travel the furthest distance; if you make the trip, we will promise to make it worth your while!
Myself and Christine drove to view our potential venue last Sunday. It took us 2 1/5 hours from Ennis, Co. Clare with one pit stop. AND we didn't get lost a single time. That's saying something for a couple of culchies!!! Seriously!
We feel, and we hope you do too, that we have found THE closest to perfect venue.
So, without further ado,.....

The Thrive-abetes; Thrive with Type 1 Diabetes Conference will take place on Saturday, 3rd of October 2015 in The Glen Royal Hotel on Straffan Road in Maynooth, Co. Kildare.

The Glen Royal is perfectly located just off the M4 at Exit 7 (Maynooth Exit) on the edge of Maynooth town. And when I say just off the M4, it is 2 kilometres from Exit 7.

The Maynooth Train and Bus Station is 350 metres from The Glen Royal. Yes, we checked! Google maps states that this is a four minute walk.

Maynooth is on the:
Dublin - Maynooth/Longford/M3 Parkway Train line
Bus Eireann by the No. 20  buses.
Dublin Bus No 67

* This information may not be completely accurate, it was very difficult to navigate the Irish transport websites to find this information (!?!). Please let me know if I have posted incorrect information. Thanks in Advance.

The Glenroyal Hotel Maynooth includes full leisure centre with 2 pools, Glenroyal Beauty treatment rooms, great bar and restaurant, free parking for guests,  and free wireless internet for delegates.

It is ON!!!