Diabetes Documentary Project: Seeking Participants

Photo of filmmaker Nathan Fagan. Photo Credit Nathan Fagan Hello,

My name is Nathan Fagan and I’m a Dublin-based documentary filmmaker. I’m currently developing a project about biomedical research into diabetes in Ireland and I’m hoping to get in touch with potential participants.

To give a quick overview: we’re making an application to the 2017 Science on Screen initiative, which has been set up to creatively explore biomedical research in Ireland through film. One aspect of the films will be to focus on research being undertaken at the Cúram institute in Galway. The application will be focusing on research currently being undertaken to develop a pill-based form of insulin, to replace traditional insulin injections and pumps.

The main goal of the film will be to explore the day-to-day challenges faced by individuals living with diabetes and how insulin pills might help improve their quality of life. We’re hoping to narrow our focus on children or teenagers living with diabetes. However, we’re also interested in speaking to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

With this in mind, we’re hoping to get in touch with parents of children suffering from diabetes. At this early stage, we’re just hoping to identify any potential subjects and discuss the possibility of participation with them. We’re also hoping to speak to any individuals living with diabetes who have had any negative experiences with using traditional insulin injections and/or pumps.

To get in touch with me directly, you can contact me at: nathanfguimond@hotmail.com

Thank you.


About Nathan

Nathan is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and editor. His 2015 short documentary, 'Fallen Bird', won the Audience Award for Best Short Documentary at the Irish Film Institute Documentary festival and screened at numerous Irish and international festivals. It was subsequently licensed by Aer Lingus to screen on all transatlantic flights during July - August 2016. He has just completed his latest documentary, 'Hum'.

Production still from ‘Hum’, a documentary portrait of musician Kevin Nolan, and his struggle with mental illness. Photo Credit Nathan Fagan

Poster from short documentary, ‘Fallen Bird’. Photo Credit Nathan Fagan