Insulin for Life Collection

I think we have all been torn apart by the social media posts relating to insulin affordability in America but did you know that while it is estimated that around 50% of people around the world in need of insulin struggle to access or afford it, or that insulin is one of the most commonly discarded drugs in the developed world? 

Every year, tens of thousands of vials end up in landfills or incinerators and 75% of this discarded insulin is still in-date.

We are thrilled to announce that for the third event in a row we have our Insulin for Life/IDDT (InDependent Diabetes Trust) collection again at Thriveabetes for unused unopened diabetes supplies to send to the developing world. 

If you have changed prescriptions lately and now have medication such as a brand of insulin that you are no longer need?

Or have you change glucose meters recently and now have a lifetime supply of lancets you’ll never use?

Bring your spare diabetes supplies to Thriveabetes for Insulin for Life

Here’s what you need to know!

If you have any of the following spare supplies, please bring them along to Thriveabetes:

Items donated MUST BE

  •  Unopened, in-date insulin vials and penfills with at least 3 months until expiry date

  •  Unused insulin pens

  •    Unopened packs of syringes & pen needles

  •    Unused lancets and unopened lancing devices

  •    Unopened in-date glucose test strips

  •   Unused blood glucose monitors

*** Please make sure that everything is unused and in-date

After the conference, your donated supplies will be sent to the IDDT, Insulin for Life’s local partner in the UK, who will send them on to projects supporting children and young people with type 1 diabetes in Africa.

If you have used that glucose monitor or lancing device only once, please don’t bring it as we won't be able to send it on for someone else to use (and we will have to pay to dispose of it).

Some Images below from previous collections:

More information on how to help:

The following organisations are all working to make insulin and diabetes supplies available to all those in need of them worldwide:


Insulin for Life

InDependent Diabetes Trust

International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child programme

Spare A Rose, Save A Child

The Pensey Trust

You can send your unwanted supplies directly to the IDDT all year round, at:

Insulin for Life, InDependent Diabetes Trust, PO Box 294, Northampton, NN1 4XS, U.K.

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