This week's Progress in making Thrive-abetes

This week has been a good week for making lots of progress in planning Thrive-abetes.

To date we have 5 confirmed exhibitors, half our target number of exhibitors. We will publish this list soon.

Our list of sponsors is growing. We have 5 companies who have pledged donations to make this event happen.

Delegate registration will open in June. We will have 100 places for the Parent's programme and 100 for the Adult w/T1 programme. The registration fee will be subsidised at €30 per person (this will cover your refreshments)

We will have a venue booked in the next 8 weeks all going well.

And our crowdfunding campaign is gathering interest; we have had some very significant donations from very generous people. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

I also posted on my Facebook page asking all of my friends to donate one €5 each. Its my "Friends with Fivers" initiative.

Imagine what we could do, if every person in Ireland with diabetes had 5 friends who donated €5 each. Thrive-abetes would have no funding worries and the remainder would definitely put Type 1 on the fast track to a cure.

A girl can dream; can't she?