Thriveabetes would not be possible without our exhibitors and sponsors. We have this page dedicated to them as a thank you but also to give you an opportunity to get to know the businesses and organisations who support us.

If you are attending Thriveabetes on Saturday 19th October please visit them on the day, get to know them and make sure they are ALL very, very busy and come back again next time!

If you are interested in exhibiting with us at Thriveabetes or in any of our sponsorship opportunities please contact Christine via email Christine@thriveabetes.ie


We also have a page dedicated to our sponsors who placed ads in our event programme which will be given to all delegates who attend Thriveabetes on Saturday 19th October. Please click here to view our sponsors.

Thriveabetes 2019 List of Exhibitors

Abbott Logo.jpg

Abbott Diabetes Care

Many of you know Abbott through their flash glucose monitor, the Freestyle Libre but did you also know they have a line of blood glucose meters and a dual glucose/ ketone meter. 

Website freestylediabetes.ie  Facebook @FreeStyleMeters

Twitter Abbott @FreeStyleDiabet Instagram Freestylediabetes


Ascensia Contour Diabetes Products

Ascensia, formerly Bayer, is a significant player in the blood glucose meter arena with Bluetooth connected apps in their Contour Next meter line. They also have been huge in engaging with the voice of people with diabetes by sponsoring the best bloggers to travel and attend the biggest medical conferences on our behalf. 

Website Diabetes.Ascensia.ie Facebook @ContourAscensia

Twitter @AscensiaGlobal Instagram Contour_Ascensia


BD Diabetes

With over 100 years’ experience in healthcare solutions and services, BD remains focused on helping to achieve improved patient health outcomes by providing education and services, both for Health Care Professionals and patients. BD continues to deliver innovative solutions to enhance patients’ injection experiences. Partner with BD to see the difference of Evidence.

Website BDandMe.bd.com

Facebook @BectonDickinsonandCo Twitter @BDandCo



D1 Now is a Health Research Board funded project which spans NUI Galway and the Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism. D1Now aims to improve engagement between young adults with Type 1 Diabetes and their healthcare providers and ultimately improve their self management and diabetes-related health outcomes. 

The D1 Now study team have successfully formed a Young Adult Panel (YAP) of 18-25 year olds with T1D who are involved in all aspects of the study design and direction and who are opened up the communication between healthcare professionals and young adults.

Website D1Now.com Facebook @d1now.ie 

Twitter @d1nowIE  Instagram D1NowYAP



Dexcom is the world's leading provider of continuous glucose monitors

Website Dexcom.com Facebook @DexcomUK


Diabetes Ireland

Diabetes Ireland are Ireland’s national charity supporting people with diabetes and advocating strongly to the health service to implement better services and policies for us. 

Website Diabetes.ie Facebook @DiabetesIreland

Twitter @Diabetes_ie Instagram DiabetesIreland


Diabetes UK Northern Ireland

Diabetes UK Northern Ireland are a branch of Diabetes UK who provide information, advice and peer support, so people with diabetes can manage their condition effectively. Our services are also available to family members, friends and carers so they can support those with the condition.

Website Diabetes.org.uk Facebook @DiabetesUKNI  Twitter @DiabetesUKNI

Funky Pumper logo.jpg

Funky Pumpers

Funky pumpers, also known as Debbie and Mike, have been attending Thriveabetes since the beginning in 2015 all the way from the UK with all their fabulous products such as pump pouches, Diawipes, 

Website FunkyPumpers.com Facebook @funkypumpers

Twitter @Funky_Pumpers Instagram FunkyPumpers

gmi_logo_vert_Pantone_2292C+Black-GMIADMIN’s MacBook Pro (2).jpg

Genomics Medicine Ireland

Genomics Medicine Ireland (GMI) was founded in 2015 to mine Irish genetic and medical data. Our genetic code makes us who we are. Modern technology has now advanced to a point where we can trace many of our attributes back to our genes. This mapping is incredibly powerful, helping to identify with great accuracy who we are and where we came from. This is known as whole genome sequencing (WGS) and enables us to relate many medical conditions to genetic factors. GMI hopes to turn the tide on this growth by uncovering the underlying genetics factors related to diabetes in order to help diagnose and better treat diabetes in the future.

Website GenomicsMed.ie Facebook @GenomicsMed Twitter @GenomicsMed



INPUT:JDRF works to improve access to treatments and technologies for people with type 1 diabetes throughout the UK. INPUT merged with JDRF on 1 October 2018. JDRF are committed to eradicating type 1 diabetes and its effects for everyone with type 1, and at risk of developing it. To work towards a day when there is no more type 1. JDRF:

  • fund world-class research approved and administered by our international research programme to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes

  • make sure research moves forward and treatments are delivered as fast as possible

  • give support and a voice to people with type 1 and their families

Website: Jdrf.org.uk Facebook @InputDiabetes Twitter @InputDiabetes

Insulin-for-Life IDDT copy.jpg

Insulin for Life Collection 

We are thrilled to announce that for the third event in a row we have our Insulin for Life/IDDT (InDependent Diabetes Trust) https://www.iddt.org/ collection again at Thriveabetes for unused unopened diabetes supplies to send to the developing world. 

If you have changed prescriptions lately and now have medication such as a brand of insulin that you are no longer need?

Or have you change glucose meters recently and now have a lifetime supply of lancets you’ll never use?

Bring your spare diabetes supplies to Thriveabetes for Insulin for Life

Website IDDT.org Facebook  @InDependentDiabetesTrust Twitter @UK_Diabetes


Medtronic Diabetes Care

I had the extreme privilege to visit a museum dedicated to the founder of Medtronic, earl Bakken when I was holidaying with my family in Minnesota this summer. Medtronic are the world’s leading provider of insulin pumps. They also provide their Guardian Connect CGM

Website: Medtronic-Diabetes.ie

Facebook @MedtronicDiabetesUKandIreland

Twitter @MDT_DiabetesEU

Novo Nordisk _2c_CMYK_Coated.jpg

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care.

Website www.novonordisk.ie

Ypsomed Omnipid.jpg

Ypsomed MyLife Diabetes Care

Ypsomed’s insulin pump the YpsoPump is relatively new to Ireland and only reimbursed by the HSE since early 2019. They also include a Bluetooth connected blood glucose meter and app. 

Website Mylife-diabetescare.com Facebook @mylifediabetescare.int Twitter @mylifeDiabetes