About the Team

A conference like Thriveabetes costs a significant amount of money and we are very proud to say we have found a sustainable funding model that allows us to continue to organise conferences.

The cost of Thriveabetes is covered from:

  • Delegate Registration

  • Our Exhibition and

  • Ads in our Programme Booklet

The rest of the cost of Thriveabetes is covered by time and services provided for free by our team of dedicated volunteers who live with type 1 diabetes and who ALL feel passionate about bringing people with type 1 diabetes together to share what we deal with every day and to learn from world class speakers.

In the past, we have been helped by fundraisers such as raffles and a concert organised by people who passionately believed in the value Thriveabetes provides them and their families. This has been so very much appreciated.

We are also greatly supported by organisations like Diabetes Ireland and Diabetes UKNI.

Here is a little more about us.

Organising Volunteers from Previous Years