"Peer-to-peer support fosters resilience and confidence.  It turns our shared vulnerability into empowerment and we can gain strength from the place we normally feel weak."

 ā€” Kim Vlasnik, "Texting My Pancreas"

We have a resource at our fingertips (literally), that is HUGELY valuable; each other. Peer support is where I have learned the most about the most about living well with type 1 diabetes and how to advocate for myself as a person with diabetes.And thanks to the rapid pace of social media this has never been easier to find more people with diabetes.

I have been keeping a list of the support groups that Iā€™m aware of BUT if you attend a diabetes support group that I do not have on this list, please send me an email with who I should contact to get details of that group and I will include them also.

Click here to view the list of Diabetes Support Groups in Ireland  (all types of diabetes) that meet both online and offline.