Joe Solowiejczyk

Thriveabetes Speaker Joe Solowiejczyk & author of “A Type 1 Diabetes Guide to the Universe”Joe has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 50 years. He grew up in New York but now lives in California.

He is a registered nurse, diabetes educator and family therapist and works extensively with both patients and professionals on the “Family-Approach to Diabetes Management”; helping children with type 1 diabetes and their families to cope with their child’s diagnosis and daily challenges of living with diabetes.

His ebook “A Type 1 Guide to the Universe” introduces a new way to learn to thrive with diabetes. It is the first book to integrate the psychological and emotional aspects of dealing with diabetes into the core of its approach.


Joe’s Presentations at Thriveabetes 2016

11:00am – 11:45am  Group; 5-8 year olds – What’s the Hardest Part for You?

12:15pm –  1:00pm   Group; 13-16 year olds. – How to drive your parents crazy and still have your A1c in range!

2:30pm –  3:15pm   Group; Adults with Type 1 – Topics to be determined by the group. Facilitated by Joe Solowiejczyk, Kevin Moore, Grainne Flynn & Christine Meehan

3:45pm –  4:30pm    Group; Parents – Standing Up for Your Child Without Using the Blazing Guns Approach! with Penny Robinson