About Us

What is Thriveabetes?


Living with type 1 diabetes is challenging.  Sharing our individual challenges and triumphs helps everybody in our community remove the isolation we can feel from time to time.

We’ve been inspired by the following quote:

“Peer-to-peer support fosters resilience and confidence.  It turns our shared vulnerability into empowerment and we can gain strength from the place we normally feel weak.”  — Kim Vlasnik, “Texting My Pancreas”

Thriveabetes is a conference organised completely by volunteers living with or affected by type 1 diabetes, and seeks to Inform, Motivate, and Inspire you to thrive with type 1 diabetes.


Our first project was Thriveabetes Conference 2015, which took place in Maynooth, Co Kildare, on the 3rd of October.  It was the first type-1-only conference of its kind, organised by the type 1 community.

We hope to build on the amazing energy this conference tapped into by running another conference and by working to help connect and invigorate the type 1 community.

This idea is more than just a conference.  We want to help connect people to the type 1 diabetes community, building a safe and supportive place to gain strength from something that otherwise makes us feel weak.