Thriveabetes 2016 Schedule & Programme

There is less than 5 weeks until we all descend on the Killashee Hotel in Naas, Co. Kildare on Saturday October 1st.

Over 50% of tickets have been sold, we have approximately 38 Adults with type 1 diabetes registered, 53 Parents of children with type 1 diabetes and 25 children with type 1 and their siblings.

And we have published our (long awaited) schedule for our day on the website.

The schedule is divided into 5 sections;

– Adults living with type 1 diabetes

– Parents of children with diabetes

– Childrens’ Programme are divided into 3 groups;

* Age 5-8 years

* Age 9-12 years

* Age 13 – 16 years

Anyone aged 16 and older has the choice to join in with the adults with type 1 diabetes or they can choose to stick with the 13 – 16 year olds.

So without further “ado” click here for the complete schedule.

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